Are you experiencing recurring dreams, confusing dreams or nightmares? For almost three decades, Patricia Eltinge has been a trusted analyst and guide helping to facilitate positive life shifts and healing for her clients. Her longtime experience and accurate intuition truly helps individuals to grasp the power of their unconscious through dreams. A dream interpretation can help you to gain fresh perspectives and meaningful insight into your life. Dreams help us in finding solutions to problems and ways to resolve issues in order to affect physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual balance in both our conscious and unconscious selves. Patricia Eltinge is available for personal dream readings, group dream workshops, dream class seminars and speaking engagements.

I have truly found Patricia’s dream readings to be very accurate in the understanding and explanation of my dreams, therefore bringing clarity to my journey in life.
Doug A.
Newport Beach, CA
Patricia’s dream readings are both perceptive and fun. The information I got out of our sessions were a great road map to figuring out some dilemmas I was experiencing in my life
Francesca D.
New York, NY
I always look forward to sharing my dreams with Patricia. Her gift for dream reading is a real blessing and she helps me understand things I may not know consciously.
 – Cathy K.
Huntington Beach, CA
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