Are you experiencing recurring dreams, confusing dreams, or nightmares? Are your personal relationships not going the way you want? A session with Patricia Eltinge can help you to gain fresh perspectives and meaningful insights into your life that lead to real change and growth.

For almost three decades, Patricia Eltinge has been a trusted analyst and guide helping to facilitate positive life shifts and healing for her many clients. Her longtime experience and her gifted accurate instincts truly help individuals to grasp the power of their unconscious through dreams, as well as by delving deep into their Life Script patterns.

The purpose of Life Script analysis is to aid you in achieving the ability to make conscious choices in your life. Life Script analysis is the method of uncovering early unconscious decisions that we made and that engender the negative patterns in our lives.

By recognizing and analyzing your Life Script’s influence on your thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can begin to make more wholesome choices in communication, compatibility, and achieving positive long-term goals. Real personal growth and transformation in our relationships and in our lives is doable!

We can find solutions to our problems and challenges! With proper guidance, there are proven ways to resolve issues in order to affect physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual balance in our subconscious and in our daily lives.

Patricia is available for short dream analysis sessions, as well as longer Life Script work, either by phone or Zoom. Patricia is also available for group dream workshops (by Zoom or in-person) as well as speaking engagements.

To set up an appointment to work on your dreams or your Life Script, just email your request to: or Call: 1-310-528-2515.

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