Our unconscious mind speaks to us through symbolic images so that we can allow ourselves to look more deeply into that which may be distasteful in our waking state. In what we call nightmares the unconscious mind speaks to us in stronger symbols indicating that we need to take a more urgent look at some issue in our life.



Even if it’s not real, anyone who’s had the misfortune of drowning in a dream will know it’s a pretty horrific experience. When you’re drowning in workloads, deadlines, relationship stresses — whatever else — the last thing you want is to spend your sleep dreaming that you are legit drowning. The panic and desperation that comes with drowning, unfortunately, tend to relate to a negative situation in your life. It can represent problems that feel inescapable as well as overwhelming stress and anxieties that you may be having. These dreams are often a sign that whatever you are dealing with has reached a dangerous point. Read further to know about your dreams related to drowning.

In comparison to other common dreams, ones that include drowning tend to be more meaningful and impactful to your life. Of course, there’s always a chance your dream is just a dream and doesn’t require any action on your part. If you’ve ever dreamed about drowning, you’re familiar with the terrifying, crushing feeling of being hopelessly below the water’s surface, unable to take a breath. Waking up from this type of dream can at once be an immense relief and incredibly startling; one moment you’re flailing for your life in the depths of a watery abyss, and the next, you’re sitting up in bed, looking at your bedroom walls, shaking.


What Does It Mean to Dream of Drowning?


What Does It Mean to Dream of Drowning


As a metaphor for a person’s internal state, drowning feels pretty easy to parse. Typically, they mean that the staggering volume of obligations, or feelings, or unmanageable circumstances, threatens to tow them under unless they receive a lifeline soon. That same interpretation holds for dreams about drowning. When you have a dream that features drowning, the idea is that something needs to be saved. While any dream involving drowning is frightening and upsetting, small details make a big difference when it comes to interpreting your dream. If you are the one drowning, the dream may mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Dream about being saved from drowning represents that you will be able to overcome obstacles and problems that you have. Water is often the element associated with emotion, so it makes sense that feeling as though we are underwater, relates to intense emotions that feel threatening to our wellbeing. If, however, you witness someone else drowning, it can mean you are getting involved in something that is beyond your control, or that you are feeling a loss of your own identity.

Dreams of drowning represent the fear of losing oneself or losing control. According to psychologist Carl Jung, drowning is a symbolic archetype, and drowning dreams indicate that you’re feeling overwhelmed in your work or your relationship. You are probably inundated with emotional turmoil from someone or something, and dreaming about drowning is a warning for you to take a step back and pull away from whatever is keeping you down. Drowning dreams are an indication of fears or concerns in your waking life that you have not faced directly. It is advisable to deal with the concern in your waking state to stop the dreams from haunting you.

Drowning Dreams Can Symbolize


Feeling overwhelmed with work


  • Feeling overwhelmed with work, with a relationship, or with finances: Are you working more hours? Are you taking on more projects than you can handle? Do you have an unresolved issue with your spouse, children, or family member? All of these situations and more can cause a heavy amount of stress and make you feel like you are drowning. You long for fresh air, for resolution, for freedom.
  • No hope left: If you’re in a tough situation, a drowning dream may be mirroring your feelings of hopelessness.
  • Losing control: It’s common to dream of drowning when you feel powerless or weak, or you think you’ve come to a dead-end with something you’re working on or with a relationship you’re in. These dreams symbolize you’re being pulled in a negative direction.
  • Losing yourself: If you have recently undertaken a new hobby or job, or even a new partner, you may be giving yourself too much and find a way to separate yourself from the thing that’s bringing you down.
  • Rebirth: Being in water symbolizes a return to your mother’s womb. The classic psychological analysis describes drowning in water as a symbol of rebirth.


Can You Die From Drowning in a Dream?


Can You Die From Drowning in a Dream


Dreams about drowning, particularly if you have a drowning dream in which you die at the end of it are pretty scary. Drowning and subsequently dying means you are going through an “emotional rebirth. If you survive the drowning, then it means that a waking relationship or situation will ultimately survive the turmoil. If you dreamed of drowning and dying as a result, that dream may be a very bad sign, and usually indicates not being able to resolve the issues you have or that you won’t be able to accomplish all your obligations. It is important, however, to remember that the analysis of dreams is still subjective, and by no means are these answers conclusive. Instead, they’re good reminders of the complexity of our thoughts and what the brain is capable of.


Is it good to See Water in Dreams?


Is it good to See Water in Dreams


Dreams about water are somewhat common and can have both positive and negative interpretations. The water dream can symbolize our internal feelings and how we emotionally respond to life. Water in dreams can denote different things depending on the details of the dream. As one of the four elements of life, water is an important symbol in dreams and just like any other symbol can denote good and bad situations, feelings, issues, and situations.


The water element can be dreamt of as an ocean, a puddle, a shower, a swimming pool, lake, stream, or waterfall, even something as simple as a leaking faucet. Water is a general and very common nature dream symbol for relationships and the sensual/sexual aspects of the dreamer’s current situation in those areas of their life. A nature dream involving water gives us a general direction to the message from the unconscious.



What does it signify to dream about dirty water?

To see dirty water in your dream signifies negative emotions you need to release. There will be a focus to set yourself free from negative energy.


dream about deep water


What does it mean to dream about deep water?

Regarding dream lore, to dream about deep water implies you need to pay extra attention to what you say and do in the future. Being lost in deep water in a dream can indicate your emotions at the moment.


What does it say if you dream about water running?

To dream about water running foretells a period of stabilization. This dream indicates that you may feel more relaxed than usual and all thanks to a new positive mindset. In old dream lore, to see a tap running in a dream denotes an important decision coming.


What does it mean to dream about drinking water?

To drink water in your dream symbolizes a thirst for greater knowledge and spiritual enlightenment in waking life. Such a dream denotes that you will be extremely successful at what you do in life.


What does it signify to dream about drinking saltwater?

Unfortunately, to dream about drinking saltwater symbolizes future heartbreak and disappointment. However, in the Wicca tradition salt is connected to protection and healing. Thus, whatever you go through you will be healed.


What does it mean to dream about offering someone water?

To offer someone a glass of water in your dream represents the true friends in your waking life. This is a great dream to have, it can imply you are always there for others, and they’re always around when you need them. To offer someone a glass of water indicates that you have real friends in spiritual terms. Water needed for any other activity represents you are giving away your emotions.


getting sprayed with water


What does it represent to dream about getting sprayed with water?

To get sprayed with water in your dream reveals your numbness and fear of opening up. People are constantly trying to get you to open up and talk honestly. To be sprayed with a hosepipe in a dream can simply breaking free from your limitations and fears.


What does it foretell to dream about walking on the water?

To walk on water in your dream symbolizes your unique abilities and the control you have over your emotions. This dream also reflects loneliness and personal growth. It can signify that you will find solitude amusing because when you’re alone – you have time to analyze yourself, your words, thoughts, actions, past actions, and plans. It is associated with focusing more on yourself and finding the light.


What does it mean to dream about restless water?

When you dream of waves of restless water, it means you’re allowing your emotional side to take over your emotions in waking life. Walking through turbulent water in a dream indicates emotions are not being controlled. Seeing choppy sea in a dream can indicate a worrying time ahead but you will work it out in the end. Try not to let your emotions control your mind.


What does it symbolize to dream about a waterfall?

The roar of waterfalls in a dream indicates emotions will run high, especially if the terrain was increasingly uneven. In some cases, users have had this dream when they are about to encounter a new relationship that may end up being good or bad. Clambering over large rocky boulders next to the waterfall in the dream can imply the serious emotions of others. The waterfall in a dream is a symbol of business success, possible profits but also stressful periods in life. There is no dispute that you need to work hard to get what you want out of life, but it will all pay off in the end.


What does it mean to dream of water flowing towards you?

To see water flowing toward you in your dream indicates a good, positive and self-full-filling period coming toward you. Brace yourself – you’re overcome any difficult, complicated situations.


Dream of Your Child Drowning


What Does It Mean When You Dream of Your Child Drowning?

Dreaming of a child drowning can be somewhat disturbing, especially if it’s your child. To dream of your child drowning in the ocean signifies your inability to manage your emotions. The dream of the “child” has nothing to do with your child, but with you. To dream of drowning (in general) means that you’re overwhelmed by your feelings. Alternatively, your dream might reflect the fear you feel when imagining your child’s future. Or it represents your inner child.

If you see a drowning son in your dream, it means that you’re worried about your child or that you will come across a dominant and aggressive male. To see someone else’s son drowning in a dream indicates “your head is underwater”. You’re feeling threatened. If you saw a drowning girl, it’s possible that you’re worried about a female. Especially, if you are deeply connected to your family. However, a drowning daughter might also foretell a challenging relationship with a female.


What Does It Mean to Dream About Saving a Child From Drowning?

Saving a Child From Drowning

Drowning dreams that involve children are somewhat unpleasant. To save a child from drowning in your dream indicates your fear of losing a naive person in your life. If the child you were trying to save from drowning in your dream state wasn’t yours (or unknown), you’re probably trying to save your inner child/nature in waking life. If you saved the baby from drowning, your idea will flourish. Alternatively, rescuing a baby from drowning in the dream means that you’re going to reach a positive time in life.

Dreams about drowning can be very disturbing but at the same time, they may be interpreted in ways that can help you in life. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into dreams about drowning.

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