The Dream Class is a summation of the 26 years Patricia Eltinge spent studying with  Dr. Pat Allen, the world-renowned psychotherapist whose pioneer work on new avenues in dream analysis is contained in this book. All of us dream and the process of capturing our dreams and looking deeply into their meanings is of great benefit to anyone interested in their own unconscious mind. The wonderful source of personal and universal information that is available to us from these other dimensions can be transformative and of great practical value in our daily lives. The Dream Class provides easy yet profound methods to help individuals delve into the revelations that are presented to us through our dreams.

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To find a book like Patricia’s which endeavors the very difficult task of breaking down the inexact science and art of dream reading, and clearly shows the reader how to use the very original contributions which my teachings have brought to this field over the past 40 years, is indeed a great find. Dream complexities have been explained simply and elegantly in Patricia’s book. I know this book will help countless sincere seekers of self-knowledge by showing how one can use dreams to know at the deepest levels what they want and what they don’t want.

  Pat Allen, Ph.D.
Author, It’s a Man’s World and a Woman’s Universe


The Dream Class is a splendid introduction to the dream analysis. Ms. Eltinge has done a wonderful job of applying the universal principles of yin/yang and Jung’s anima/animus, as well as, chakra colors and numbers. By studying the methods presented in The Dream Class, readers will gain a greater understanding of themselves at the deepest level of their being and thereby facilitate the evolutionary journey of their consciousness.

Joseph K. Kim, OMD, Ph.D.
Author, Yin and Yang of Life


This is thoughtful and insightful work about the power of dreaming. The author has a unique and comprehensive understanding of dream images and takes you through the process of understanding the symbols in your dreams. A must-read for anyone who has an interest in the archetypal nature of the dream world.

Carder Stout, Ph.D.
Author, What Dreams Mean


Patricia Eltinge’s vitality and soulful aliveness can be felt in her book The Dream Class. I deeply resonate with her dreaming philosophy and feel this book is a blessing to dreams and dreamers everywhere—which leaves no one out.

Kelly Sullivan Walden
Author, It’s All in Your Dreams

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